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We attend stage dance festivals all across Scotland on an annual basis, and TDCI Championships across Scotland and England with our team of soloists. Please see below some FAQs regarding our team :-

  • Can anyone attend competitions and be a part of the team?

Our soloists are selected by the Principal by a certain criteria, detailed below. Team members are re-assessed constantly and are not guaranteed to remain on the team each year if they are not progressing or if we feel their attendance or commitment is not up to standard, likewise students can be invited to the team at any stage - students may not be ready when they are younger, but may be invited when they are slightly older for example. Keep working hard and your time might come!

  • What criteria do you look for when selecting team members?

We look for many aspects when selecting competition soloists - good attendance, strong technique, good performance skills, flexibility​, ability to retain choreography, and confidence amongst other things. The stage dance festivals we attend are of a very high level, and this needs to be reflected in the students we compete.

  • Do competitions require a lot of commitment?

Yes, we require a huge level of commitment from our competitive students. A minimum of 5 competitions a year, however we do prefer more, requires a lot of sacrificing holidays and family time, and also costs a lot of money. The costumes, accommodation, travel, entry fees etc. It is a big commitment.​

  • What are the biggest achievements the team has had?

Over the years, we have seen big improvements and won many titles. From Overall section winners to Championship titles. We have had Champions from as young as 5 years old in all genres - Tap, Ballet, Modern, Song & Dance, Vocal.​

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